About Us


The World Sports University (WSU) is a high education institute legally registered in Macau and established under the GAAPSF. 

The WSU had signed cooperative agreements with various universities, including: QILU University of Technology (Shandong Academy of Sciences), IJF Academy, etc.

School Mission

  • To promote the Olympics Spirit
  • To develop the entire sports eco-system talents for China and internationally.
  • To drive the sports development and to improve the physical and emotional well-being of world college students.
  • To be a leader in producing talents for world sports development, promoting international exchange of ideas and to contribute towards promoting world peace and harmony with the power of sports and friendships between youth and university students in different countries and regions.


Joint program with IJF Academy and Judo Union of Asia
With the cooperation of the IJF Academy and JUA, the WSU had established an IJF/JUA International Training Center inside the Cultural and Sports Center of QILU University and in Beijing, providing high level judo training for all member federations of IJF and JUA.
International Bodybuilding and Fitness Training Center
Recently with the cooperation of WBPF and ABBF, the WSU will establish an international bodybuilding and fitness training center also housed inside the QILU University Cultural and Sports Center and in Beijing.

University Administration

University Council

The University Council shall be the highest collegiate organ of the WSU, responsible for formulating the direction of the WSU’s development, supervising its implementation, and promoting relations between WSU and the others partner universities and community.

Academic And Teaching Committee

According to Article 35 of the “World Sports University Charter”, the Academic and Teaching Committee is led by the President of the WSU.
The Committee is responsible for:
(1) Making recommendations and amendments to the university’s science and academic development policies, improving teaching quality, promote academic research, and enhancing the university’s reputation;
(2) Formulating a curriculum plan that meets the academic and professional needs of students;
(3) Formulating academic and training plans for each course in accordance with the purposes and guidelines set by the university;
(4) Formulating credit system and assessment standards;
(5) Evaluation of the achievements of the work carried out by the academies;
(6) Expressing opinions on whether to start, modify or terminate the university’s courses; to establish, change or stop the university’s academies, departments, laboratories and research centers
(7) At any time, at the request of the president, the university council and the executive committee, expressing opinions and issue opinions on any university matters;
(8) Exercising other powers conferred by the charter  or by the rules adopted in accordance with the charter.

Administrative Committee

According to Article 36 of the WSU Charter, the Administrative Committee is led by the President.
(1) To draft administrative plan and related financial budget;
(2) To prepare work plans, reports and related accounts of the previous year;
(3) To express opinions and issue opinions on any university matters at the request of the University Council or the Executive Committee;
(4) To exercise other powers conferred by the Articles of Charter or the regulations adopted in accordance with the University Charter;
(5) The administrative committee is subject to its own regulations.

Advisory Committee

According to Article 37 of the WSU Charter, the chairman of the advisory committee is elected by the members of the committee, and the President acts as Secretary General.
(1) To provide opinions and suggestions to other institutions on the various work carried out by the university;
(2) The Advisory Committee meeting is held once a year and is convened and presided over by the chairman. The special meeting is convened by the chairman at the request of the representative of the GAAPSF or the recommendation of the majority of members;
(3) The Advisory Committee is subject to its own regulations.

Champions Committee

The World Sports University Champions Committee is composed of Olympic champions, World champions, Intercontinental/Continental champions, and national champions in different individual sports. The role of the committee is to gather the elites of various sports events to jointly research and improve the effectiveness of sports training with innovative scientific methods. The university will occasionally invite champions of different sports events to speak in the courses held by each faculty to share their hardships and achievements on how to become gold medal champions, in order to set a good and correct learning example for students.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the programs and courses available?
You can obtain our most current programs and courses at our homepage. The courses are offered under our 5 faculties, Judo, Combat Sports, E-Sports, Sports Management and Distance learning.
How can I register?
  • Enroll Instructions
  • Go to our online system to create a login.
What language are the courses taught in?

Each course can be taught in a different language. Majority of our courses will be in Chinese, or English or both.

Do I have to attend the class at specific time?
Please check the your enrolled course’s details. For the online courses, you can study at your own pace and time with the materials available online at all times.
Can I communicate with my classmates or my instructor?
For most courses, you can discuss, and communicate with your classmates and instructors via tools in the course like discussion forum. You can also reach out to your instructor via mail.
What is the cost for the courses?
Please check our online system for the cost of individual course and apply.