Welcome to World Sports University (WSU). We are an international and dynamic university established in 2016, with headquarters in Macau and Jinan, and with campus and training centers located in different provinces of China, Macau and Hong Kong. Our vision is to become globally recognised for professional education, to be a leader in producing talents for world sports development, promoting international exchange of ideas and to contribute towards promoting world peace and harmony with the power of sports and friendships between youth and university students in different countries and regions, our mission is to promote the Olympics Spirit, to develop the entire sports eco-system talents for China and internationally, to drive the sports development and to improve the physical and emotional well-being of world college students.
WSU is growing. It comprises the Sports Management Faculty, Combat Sports , Faculty, Judo Faculty, Long Distance Education Faculty, International Esports Faculty, and International Training Centers in Jinan, Beijing, Hunan, Macau and Hong Kong. Our curricula are designed to promote knowledge creation, original discoveries and innovative thinking by integrating teaching and research at all levels, specially in sports industry.
As an international university, we emphasise diversity, intercultural learning and a global vision. Our faculty are recruited from all over the world. We have established an excellent international network of academic collaborations and developed global agreements with many international sports organizations, universities from more than 50 countries/jurisdictions. Our graduates are thoughtful, adaptable and open-minded professionals who make positive contributions to society.

CHE Kuong Hon

President and University Professor 
August 2021