Dr. Che Kuong Hon Attends Prestigious Sporting Events: Judo World Championships and International Dart Federation Member Congress

The Abu Dhabi Judo World Championships took place from May 19th to 24th in the United Arab Emirates. Dr. Che Kuong Hon was invited to attend the event, which saw a total of 658 athletes from 107 countries/regions competing for the title. As the highest-level judo competition in the world, the World Championships also served as the final scoring event for the judo discipline in the upcoming Paris Olympics.

After five days of individual matches and one day of team competitions, the World Judo Championships concluded successfully, with well-deserved champions in each category. 

Dr. Che Kuong Hon with Liu Chengliang, Director of the Chinese Wrestling, Judo, and Sambo Center, and Bian Qingfeng, Chairman of Taishan Sports Industry Group, at the event.

Following the Judo World Championships, Dr. Che Kuong Hon flew to Milan, Italy, to attend the International Dart Federation Member Congress, the Next Generation International Forum, and the Italian National Dart Championships Finals held in Bressanone.

The International Dart Federation Member Congress and Next Generation International Forum were held successfully. In addition to attending the Member Congress and receiving an honorary certificate from the International Dart Federation, Dr. Che Kuong Hon participated in group discussions in different categories during the Next Generation International Congress. He exchanged ideas and information on promoting dart sports and mass participation with leaders and experts from various international organizations. Intentions for cooperation were reached with organizations such as the International Air Sports Federation, International World Games Association, International Sport for All Federation, and the Italian Sport for All Federation. A cooperation agreement was also reached with the International Dart Federation to promote dart sports and education in China through the establishment of an International Dart Academy within the College of International Sports Industry at the World Sports University in Changqing, Jinan.

The Italian National Dart Championships showcased a spectacular scene, with nearly 300 dart machines and 4,500 participants competing fiercely. It is evident that dart sports are highly popular in Italy. Dr. Che Kuong Hon was invited to participate in a special invitational tournament and achieved a remarkable 7th place, despite his limited experience in dart activities.