The "2024 First Edition of the Macau Judo Referee and Coach Certification Course" was successfully held in Macau

The "2024 First Edition of the Macau Judo Referee and Coach Certification Course," jointly organised by the World Sports University and the Macau Judo Association, was successfully held for two consecutive days at the Macau Daily News Building. The course was specifically designed for active judo referees and coaches from the Macau Judo Association and its affiliated associations, with the aim of enhancing the refereeing skills of Macau judo referees and providing international refereeing knowledge to judo coaches. A total of 25 active judo coaches and referees participated in the course.

In the opening ceremony, Che Kuong Hon, President of the World Sports University and the Judo Association, expressed the importance of regularly conducting systematic judo referee training courses. These courses help improve the refereeing skills of judo referees and the teaching quality of coaches, while also nurturing young coaches and referees in Macau. By learning the latest international judo referee rules, participants can further enhance their understanding of refereeing models, methods, and requirements, ensuring a unified refereeing standard for Macau's competitions. This effort aims to promote fairness and justice and enhance the overall quality of judo competitions in Macau.

The course was conducted by Sou Man Hou, Chief Referee of the Macau Judo Association, and Nagata, Senior Referee. Through case analysis and rule explanations, the participating coaches and referees gained in-depth knowledge of the content of international judo referee rules. The interactive discussions and exchanges between instructors and students provided valuable opportunities for participants to address their doubts and improve their coaching and refereeing skills. It was an enriching learning experience for all involved.