GAWSF Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement for World Sports University in Shandong

On January 9, 2024, Professor Che Kuong Hon, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the GAWSF and President of the World Sports University, accompanied by Professor Ma Wencai, Vice President of the GAWSF and Deputy Director of the Shandong Academy of Sciences at Qilu University of Technology, and Secretary of the Secretariat of the GAWSF, visited the Shandong University International Industrial Park in Qingdao, Shandong Province. 

They held discussions with the Chairman of Zhongz Donsun Better Group Co., Ltd., a development enterprise in the park. The GASWF andZhongz Donsun Better Group Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement for the establishment of the World Sports University in the Changqing Industrial Park of Shandong University. According to the agreement, based on complementary advantages, resource sharing, and common development, the two parties will cooperate in building the College of International Sports Industry of the World Sports University. They will carry out comprehensive cooperation in sports talent training and development, academic research, sports and cultural exchanges, event organisation and promotion, and sports industry development, in order to achieve mutual benefits and win-win results.

On January 10, 2024, Chairman Che Kuong Hon and his delegation visited Inspur Software Co., Ltd. and held discussions with Zhao Shaoxiang, Chairman of Inspur Software Co., Ltd., on cooperation.

The two parties had in-depth exchanges on the deep integration of "digital + culture + sports" and jointly promoting the high-quality development of sports, achieving continuous transformation and empowerment of technology in sports, and becoming a strong driving force for the development of the sports industry. They discussed how to strengthen the exchange, cooperation, and development of cultural, technological, tourism, and sports between Shandong and Macau, relying on their respective resource advantages. The meeting decided to establish a special working group in Inspur Software Co., Ltd. to jointly support the construction of theCollege of Sports Science and Technology of the World Sports University with Qilu University of Technology. Zhao Shaoxiang was appointed as the honorary group leader, Professor Zhou Chuan was appointed as the preparatory group leader, and Department Head Liu Yan was appointed as the executive group leader to jointly promote the development of the college. The college is committed to promoting research on the development of sports culture and technology, driving the development of national traditional sports culture under the "Belt and Road" strategy, strengthening cooperation with sports scientists, engineers, and coaches, jointly developing intelligent sports equipment, sports health and wellness, sports fitness training standards, physical and mental health monitoring, and aging health and wellness services, and focusing on optimising athletes' equipment, sports posture, and training strategies to gain a competitive advantage in competitions and promote global sports exchanges and cooperation. 

In the afternoon of January 10, Chairman Che Kuong Hon and his delegation visited Shandong Talent Group Development Co., Ltd. and were warmly received by He Wei, Deputy General Manager of the group, and other officials. The two parties had in-depth exchanges on talent introduction business and discussed cooperation opportunities.