Dr. Che Kuong Hon Attends Prestigious Sporting Events: Judo World Championships and International Dart Federation Member Congress

The Abu Dhabi Judo World Championships took place from May 19th to 24th in the United Arab Emirates. Dr. Che Kuong Hon was invited to attend the event, which saw a total of 658 athletes from 107 countries/regions competing for the title. As the highest-level judo competition in the world, the World Championships also served as the final scoring event for the judo discipline in the upcoming Paris Olympics.

After five days of individual matches and one day of team competitions, the World Judo Championships concluded successfully, with well-deserved champions in each category. 

Dr. Che Kuong Hon with Liu Chengliang, Director of the Chinese Wrestling, Judo, and Sambo Center, and Bian Qingfeng, Chairman of Taishan Sports Industry Group, at the event.

Following the Judo World Championships, Dr. Che Kuong Hon flew to Milan, Italy, to attend the International Dart Federation Member Congress, the Next Generation International Forum, and the Italian National Dart Championships Finals held in Bressanone.

The International Dart Federation Member Congress and Next Generation International Forum were held successfully. In addition to attending the Member Congress and receiving an honorary certificate from the International Dart Federation, Dr. Che Kuong Hon participated in group discussions in different categories during the Next Generation International Congress. He exchanged ideas and information on promoting dart sports and mass participation with leaders and experts from various international organizations. Intentions for cooperation were reached with organizations such as the International Air Sports Federation, International World Games Association, International Sport for All Federation, and the Italian Sport for All Federation. A cooperation agreement was also reached with the International Dart Federation to promote dart sports and education in China through the establishment of an International Dart Academy within the College of International Sports Industry at the World Sports University in Changqing, Jinan.

The Italian National Dart Championships showcased a spectacular scene, with nearly 300 dart machines and 4,500 participants competing fiercely. It is evident that dart sports are highly popular in Italy. Dr. Che Kuong Hon was invited to participate in a special invitational tournament and achieved a remarkable 7th place, despite his limited experience in dart activities.

GAWSF Delegation Visits Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine to Discuss Cooperation

On May 13, 2024, Dr. Che Kuong Hong, the Chairman of the General Association of World Sports Federations (GAWSF) Executive Committee and President of the World Sports University, along with a delegation from GAWSF, visited the School of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine to discuss cooperation. The delegation was warmly received by Liu Qian, Vice President of Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as leaders from the International Education College, International Cooperation Office, and the School of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

During the visit, Professor Zhang Wenchun from the Institute of Qigong Science at Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine introduced the organization structure, research directions, and significant achievements of the institute. He emphasized that Qigong, as an important component of traditional Chinese medicine, has a rich theoretical foundation and practical experience, offering unique advantages in promoting human health and disease prevention.

The delegation had the opportunity to tour the various laboratories of the Institute of Qigong Science, where Professor Zhang introduced the specialized Qigong equipment and apparatus used to regulate the body's energy flow through techniques such as intention, movement, and virtual reality. These methods aim to achieve the goals of disease treatment and health preservation. Professor Zhang also shared the latest research achievements and cutting-edge technologies in the modern scientific study of Qigong, providing a deeper understanding of the principles, practical applications, and advancements in Qigong within the context of modern scientific research.

Following the tour, the GAWSF delegation engaged in a discussion and exchange with leaders from the International Education College, International Cooperation Office, and the School of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Both parties had in-depth conversations regarding cooperation negotiations, mutual empowerment, and project collaboration. They reached a consensus to establish a strategic partnership, with the aim of jointly promoting the popularization and application of Qigong in a global context, as well as conducting relevant training and educational activities.

Dr. Che Kuong Hong expressed his hope to leverage the professional advantages of Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the field of Qigong and jointly establish a platform for the international development of Qigong in Macau. Simultaneously, Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine expressed its willingness to collaborate with GAWSF in promoting the exchange and cooperation of Qigong on the international stage.

A preliminary cooperation agreement was reached between GAWSF and Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, injecting new vitality into the international development of Qigong. Both parties expressed their commitment to strengthening communication and collaboration, jointly promoting the prosperous development of the Qigong health preservation cause, and contributing wisdom and strength to the strategies of "Healthy China" and "Cultural Strength."

JETI's first issue for the year 2024 has been successfully published

The Journal of Educational Technology and Innovation, published by the World Sports University Press, has successfully released its first issue for the year 2024 on March 31, 2024.

This issue features six high-quality English academic papers focusing on educational innovation, which have reached international standards:


1. Exploring the Dual Subjectivity of Kindergarten's Self-made Play and Teaching Aids Activities from the Perspective of Children's Play Development in China

2. Improving innovation and entrepreneurship education in higher institutions: the impact of “Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation” education on undergraduates’ entrepreneurial intentions

3. A Study of a Moral Dilemma Stories Teaching Model Focusing on the Development of Higher-Order Thinking ——"Synthetic polymers" as an example

2. Improving innovation and entrepreneurship education in higher institutions: the impact of “Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation” education on undergraduates’ entrepreneurial intentions

3. A Study of a Moral Dilemma Stories Teaching Model Focusing on the Development of Higher-Order Thinking ——"Synthetic polymers" as an example

4. Research on Localized English Education for Transnational Left-behind Children in the Context of English Global Localization: A Case Study of Wenzhou Overseas Chinese Hometown

5. Strategies for Video Producers to Tell Their Good Stories Under the 5W Model of Communication

6. Teaching Design of the Junior High School English Reading for Deep Learning

World Sports University (WSU) Triumphs at the Inaugural Macau Guandan (Trick-taking Card Game) Global Invitational Tournament - Wynn Cup Team Event Champions

In a bid to showcase Chinese culture and foster global Chinese connections and exchanges, Wynn Palace hosted the first-ever Macau Guandan (Trick-taking Card Game) Global Invitational Tournament, known as the Wynn Cup, from April 22nd to 24th. The tournament concluded on April 24th with a grand awards ceremony held at Wynn Palace.

Prior to the ceremony, Wynn doubled the prize money, increasing it from 500,000 RMB to a whopping 1 million RMB in cash rewards along with an additional 500,000 RMB worth of prizes. All the prize money was distributed on-site! This highly anticipated sporting event in Macau delivered a remarkable and captivating experience for both local Macau residents and the global Chinese community. Simultaneously, the tournament featured the "Global Chinese Summit Forum," aimed at promoting communication and cooperation among global Chinese participants, while exploring new prospects for future development.


The event attracted entrepreneur teams from around the world, alongside numerous celebrities, and world champions, who added luster to the tournament and cheered on the global Chinese community. With a prize pool of millions in cash and prizes, the tournament aimed to popularize and develop the game of Guandan, encouraging greater participation and allowing more individuals to experience its allure. The tournament was globally livestreamed on the iQiyi online platform.


As the official organizer and recruiting unit of the tournament, World Sports University (WSU), the Hainan World Sports Culture Development Co., Ltd., in collaboration with the GAWSF Guandan Sports Committee and World Sports University, joined hands with various local and international chambers of commerce, sports academies, and Guandan clubs to form the "WSU Team" for participation. The team established a command center led by Mr. Che Kuong Hon, the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the GAWSF and President of World Sports University, with team leader Mr. Wang Bin, a member of theGAWSF Guandan Sports Committee. Through extensive recruitment and recommendations from the WSU team leaders and coaching staff, eight players were selected to represent the "WSU Team" in the tournament. The team ultimately emerged as the champions of the team event, securing impressive rankings in the doubles event with second, fifth, and ninth places. The total prize won by the team amounted to nearly 300,000 RMB.

Moving forward, the WSU Team will continue to select high-profile tournaments to further refine their skills. They will gradually gain experience through a series of tournaments, including the Boao, Dubai, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, and Jiangsu stations, establishing a scoring system and certification process to promote standardized and efficient operations, as well as the growth and strength of the team.

President of World Sports University visited Suzhou University and Suzhou City College

Professor CHE Kuong Hon, Chairman of the GAWSF and President of World Sports University, together with a WSU delegation visited the School of Physical Education of Soochow University and Suzhou City College on February 21, 2024. The WSU delegation was well received by Professor Zhou Gao, former member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of Soochow University and Vice President of Suzhou City University; Professor Wang Jiahong, former assistant to the president of Soochow University and executive director of Jiangsu Institute of Sports, Health and Wellness Industry; Professor Tao Yuliu, dean of the School of Physical Education of Soochow University; Professor Zhang Dazhi, deputy director of the School of Physical Education of Soochow University, director of the China Guandan Research Institute; Dr. Li Dansheng of the Academy of Sciences of China Social College; Chen Jie, the full-time president of the Suzhou Guandan Sports Association, the meeting between both parties was very fruitful.