About Distance Education

Each year, WSU offers more than 200 online degree-credit courses with more than 20,000 enrolments. Delivered entirely online via Online WSU Platform - the University's distance learning system - online courses are designed with flexibility in mind. Since there are no scheduled classes to attend, you can take advantage of studying at a time and place that is convenient for you, from anywhere in the world.
See our Distance Education page to learn more about distance education at the World Sports University.

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What are the benefits of taking online courses at WSU?

  • Great variety of courses
  • Complete your online class anytime and anywhere you have Access to the Internet
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Learn your way
  • Student Technical Support
  • Connect and Learn from each other
  • Improve your self-discipline
  • Transfer credits

What makes our approach to course development unique?

WSU offers a wide selection of online courses from a variety of disciplines. Within a learner-centred, research-intensive environment, distance learning experiences reflect the high pedagogical standards for which the World Sports University is known. The following criteria have been developed to guide us in our development and redevelopment of distance education courses.
  • Comprehensive Design of Learning Experiences
  • Learning Community Relationships
  • Links to Current Research


Open Learning program students register for online courses through the Admission system of Online WSU Platform.