The WSU Macau Center

The WSU Macau Center is one of the international training centers established by the World Sports University. Located in Macau, the center provides facilities and resources for sports education and training. The center offers a range of programs and courses in sports management, and international esports. With a focus on knowledge creation and innovative thinking, the WSU Macau Center provides students with a unique and dynamic learning experience that prepares them for successful careers in the sports industry.

Location: Av. Venceslau de Morais, n. 218, 16th Floor Macau Daily Building, Macau SAR, China 


Suggested route From Hotel Royal Macau to WSU Macau Center
Local Bus No. 28C 
BUS fee: Mop 6


Suggested route From Hotel Royal Macau to Calçada da Guia bus stop


Suggested route From Edf. Fok Hoi bus stop (Rampa Cavaleiros) to Macau Daily Building